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Enable students of all ages to
DISCOVER and USE their hemispheric learning and thinking styles and gifts, so that they KNOW and UNDERSTAND how they have been designed to THINK, LEARN, STUDY and WORK best.;
BELIEVE in their ability to learn well, and release their true potential in their work, study and daily lives.


Our Life-Long Learning Programmes are rooted in some of the world’s most scientific, prolific, accurate and award winning international research on brain based learning.

Our team is made up of well-qualified, experienced and successful educators. Their teaching experience and continuous professional growth in our fields of expertise, make them outstanding facilitators. Their passion for our mission and values results in each person being an effective and loyal member of the team.
berylBeryl Lourens - Founder and Director
Beryl, believes strongly that most education systems are letting down many of our children and young people (both left and right-brain dominant learners) because the curriculum and largely traditional classroom methods and assessments do not engage the whole brain but are geared mostly to left-brain dominant learners.

This leaves the intelligent right-brain dominant learners unable to think and learn through their right brain skills and gifts so they are most often seen as underachievers. It means the left-brain dominant learners, who mostly achieve in school, do not have a chance to develop the right-brain skills that are required more and more in today and tomorrow’s world of work.

Beryl is therefore passionate about identifying the inherent learning and thinking styles of students so that they can think and learn according to their brain preferences, when studying and working at home.
She believes that all Right-Brain dominant students should know how they learn best and why they struggle in a left-brain orientated education system, so that they can believe in their ability to learn well. Every Left-Brain dominant student should realise the necessity for them to develop right brain skills to equip them for the needs of the 21st century world.

Throughout her career as classroom teacher, school principal, education consultant, workshop facilitator, author and educational materials developer, Beryl has travelled extensively in search of ‘best practice’ models of teaching and learning.
She continues to keep abreast of on-going high quality research so that The Centre for Life-Long Learning can continue to give students the best the world has to offer in Brain-Based Teaching and Learning.

Beryl has worked with, and developed programmes for, teachers, parents, students, NGO’s, government departments, communities, traditional leaders, small businesses and some of South Africa’s top corporate companies. She has vast experience in the fields of learning styles, multiple intelligence, emotional intelligence, emotionally safe schools. educational material development for different styles of learning, personal development, leadership and the design, piloting and rolling out of educational programmes.

Her work has been recognised both here and internationally.

Bridget munnBridget Munn

An excellent and highly experienced high school English teacher Bridget is an invaluable member of our team. Her quiet, collegial and enthusiastic approach, together with her respect for, love and understanding of young people, wins the trust and favour of students of all ages, as well as their parents. Her experience in education, supervision of matric marking, combined with her knowledge of, and insight into students’ learning and reading styles, plays a large part in making her the successful facilitator she is.

The parent of one of her students said ‘Sending our son here is the best thing we’ve ever done……….the results are amazing……. “